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Softsolution: 4 LineScanners for automatic inspection at HG

Aug 06, 2023

Date: 24 August 2023

Glass is one of the most beautiful and functional materials in business- and everyday life. To meet the highest quality requirements – essential for industry, architecture, and automotive – technologies are needed to check the correctness of the glass. One manufacturer that has committed itself to these quality requirements is the Belgian company, HG-Glas.

With high-tech machinery and a large inventory of glass types, HG-Glas has recently been equipped with four horizontal LineScanners from Softsolution to check processed and tempered glass for defects in the glass on the grinding and drilling line after washing. Therefore, the LineScanners have been seamlessly integrated into the Lisec line and the Lisec ERP system. This integration enables smooth data exchange and efficient communication between the different systems. All captured scan data is stored in the archive system and can be retrieved from there at any time.

Softsolution’s LineScanners are a state-of-the-art technology that makes them possible to automatically check the surface quality, edge, and dimension of the slices. This automated inspection system detects possible defects in the glasses before they enter the tempering furnace. Even the smallest irregularities are detected to ensure the highest possible quality of the end products.

Furthermore, the company has opted for the Archive database to have scans and evaluations visible in this knowledge database to minimize critical workflows during the production process. As another add-on, they have chosen the Management Console to get a real-time status of the running machines to improve the high demands of glass quality.

The data collected allows trends to be identified and potential bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement to be identified.

HG-Glasfour horizontal LineScanners Archive databaseManagement Console

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