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Globe Metallurgical must reduce pollution in Ohio

Jul 07, 2023

WASHINGTON — Globe Metallurgical, Inc. agreed to a consent decree that would require it to pay a $2.6 million civil penalty, implement an estimated $6.5 million in new and improved air pollution emissions controls and limit the sulfur content of inputs in its metal production process to settle alleged violations of the Clean Air Act at a ferroalloy production facility in Beverly, Ohio.

Emissions of air pollutants, such as the sulfur dioxide and particulate matter emitted from Globe’s operation of five electric arc furnaces, may cause adverse environmental and health impacts, including lung disorders such as asthma and bronchitis.

According to the six-count complaint, filed simultaneously with the settlement in the Southern District of Ohio, Globe allegedly violated CAA requirements following the expansion of one of its furnaces, including a failure to assess the best available pollution control technology for the modified furnace and failure to demonstrate compliance with regulations applicable to ferroalloy production plants.

The U.S. also alleged that Globe had a history of excessive emissions of PM from the facility in violation of its existing permits.

In addition to paying a penalty, Globe will now be required to utilize coal and other materials with a specified reduced-sulfur content to limit the generation of harmful SO2 emissions.

Globe will also take significant steps to reduce emissions of PM, including the construction of an additional pollution control baghouse and implementation of physical improvements to equipment and changes to operational practices to reduce emissions of PM both from stacks and directly to the atmosphere from equipment. Globe will also be conducting extensive testing and implementing significantly enhanced monitoring of air pollutants to ensure ongoing compliance.

The consent decree also brings the Globe facility’s pollution control obligations up to date with environmental regulations that post-date the plant’s construction, including stricter limits on PM and carbon monoxide emissions.

The consent decree is subject to a 30-day comment period and final approval by the court. A copy of the consent decree is available on the Justice Department website.

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